Zentangle, meditación, Zengoala

Zenbugs with reticula and fragments.
Online class

• In this class we are going to have a closer look at insects with a touch of zen. For this we are using fragments which are tangles in a special category drawn in a geometric structure.

• This may sound complicated, but this system that we are going to learn and explore in the class offers infinite possibilities and creative combinations to enjoy long after the class!

• The class will be held on the Zoom platform. You can download the application to the mobile, tablet or computer without any cost. The link will be sent the same day of the class to your email adress, and you just have to click on that link and it will take you to the class.

• I recommend downloading the ZOOM application with enough time, to have it installed on the device and to start the class on time.

For this new online class you need more material than normal.

Material needed for the class:
- Black pen.
- Pencil and tortillon, blending stump.
- 1 quality paper tiles size 9 x 9 cm.
- 1 sheet of fine grain watercolour paper 29 x 21 cm.
- Solid watercolours, it doesn´t have to be a very good brand.

Optional material:
- White Gelly Roll, gel ink pen
- White charcoal pencil


WHEN: No date at the moment
DURATION: 2 and a half hour
PRICE: 27 €



You will receive by email the information to make the payment
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